Our Mission is " to practice and promote dog agility sports for mutual owner and dog fun, health and to encourage good dog citizenship in Windsor and Essex County."

The Border City Barkers Agility Club

The Border City Barkers are a group of dog enthusiasts who promote education and safety in the sport of agility. The club offers the facilities, equipment and training necessary to excel.


Dog Agility is a fast paced and energetic sport. It creates a bond between the handler and he dog. There are many obstacles including: jumps, tunnels and weave poles. Safety, accuracy and fun are the keys to enjoying agility. One of the most important beneftis of agility is the bond that is created between the handler and the dog. A trust is required in order for the dog to feel safe and open to learning the different types of equipment.


Agility also promotes a healthy lifestyle for your dog. It eliminates the "couch potato" syndrome which can lead to destructive behaviour at your home. It can also build endurance and put fitness into your dogs life. Confidence is built through praise and reassurance. With each accomplishment, a new milestone is reached making your dog feel comfortable and eager to learn more.


Socialization is important with owning any dog. Supervised agility training provides a controlled environment where dogs can improve their behaviour around both people and other dogs.


The Border City Barkers Agility Club offeres both introduction and advanced agility training to people who are interested in the training of their dogs.



May 1, 2024 St Ambroise 
May 23, 2024 St Therese